Animal Healing Therapy                                        

It is my belief that animal communication and the system of Reiki energy healing, intertwine, Reiki enhances communication work with animals and vice versa. Therefore healing becomes a mutual channel, emotionally and physically, occurring in the moment.

The goal is to become as clear and yet as focused as possible so that the energy can flow strongly for the highest good of the animal. It is not necessary to know where the animal’s problem lies, as Reiki energy will always go to where it is needed most, bringing balance and healing on all levels. Intuitive information resulting from deep energetic connection created during the treatment may or may not be received. But when it does occur it's for the communicator to interpret and understand the given information or feeling at the time of the connection. Healing takes place on many levels, only the animal will decide how much they accept.


I mainly work with horses as I have a particular affinity with them, however I am happy to work with other animals too, either with direct contact (hands on) or sometimes just within distance of connection to the energy field for healing to take place. I am also able to connect via distance too. If a home visit is not possible, I send healing from a distance, using a photograph of your animal so that attention and the healing energy can be focused on them.

Energy is everywhere, it can't be destroyed, only directed somewhere else and as animals are sensitively attuned to energy around them the healing connection is effectively the same.

How can healing help?

  • Healing is a gentle and effective treatment which animals respond to naturally and benefit greatly from.
  • It can be beneficial in helping a variety of physical complaints.
  • It can be helpful with emotional concerns such as grief, trauma and aggression. Animals can suffer from stress and healing can help them to feel more comfortable with themselves and in their surroundings.
  • It can be beneficial following an accident or shock and also give ease and comfort before and after surgery.
  • It can provide comfort if they are coming to the end of their lives and may help them to prepare to pass peacefully.
  • It can help to maintain an overall sense of balance and well-being.

Important note: The healing I offer is complementary therapy and not a substitute to conventional medicine.I work within the guidelines of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, which states that only a Veterinary Surgeon may make a diagnosis and treat an animal. It is very important that you consult your vet in the first instance.



I would request that during your animal's treatment it should be peaceful, so that they can enjoy the session without interference from outside distractions (people, animals and noise).

After treatment please ensure your animal has a rest time.It is important that they have time to consolidate the healing and obtain the maximum benefit from the session.

Price guidelines :

Home visit ~ £20 per animal + travelling expenses - please contact me to discuss.

Distance treatment ~ £15 per animal - I will require a photo of your animal for distance work and will send feedback via email.

For further information,or to make an appointment, call or email me - contact details are on the homepage.



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